Spendthrift turned Saver

Hello, my name is Jen and I am a former spendthrift, yes essentially a financial liability. After some soul searching, unpacking financial baggage, being given a few ultimatums from my then boyfriend, now husband, Brock...I made some serious changes. I have since felt empowered, in control and less stress around money and I want to help others feel those feelings too.

With Spendthrift and Saver we are going to get super vulnerable and share some of my most not proud moments but also going to share how in the mix of poor decisions I’ve also had some successes to note, like purchasing my first home by the age of 24.

I have created this because after 10+ years in the financial industry I’ve realized I’m not alone with poor spending habits, financial baggage and an initial inability to talk to my partner about money. These are things I had to learn out of necessity and feel so freaking passionate about helping others get to the point I’ve reached where I’m comfortable with money, talking about money, making money and making it work for me..and I want you to feel those feelings too!

So if you are like me and you’ve struggled with money in any capacity, like saving, spending too much, being super emotional about it, not giving it enough attention, or you are in a relationship and you both aren’t on the same page financially, I hope you will join me. Together we will unpack that financial baggage and alleviate all the negative feelings you have with money!