Hi, I’m Jen

And this is my husband Brock.

I’m a recovering spendthrift. I fell in love with Brock, a total saver.

If I hadn’t made some serious changes before we got married, we would have failed.

If we could make these changes, so can you.

Money is one of the top reasons for divorce. The good news is that it’s totally avoidable.

Let us show you how!


meet jen


work with us


We help take the stress out of money...

We work with you to help unpack your financial baggage,

break bad spending habits,

get a handle on all things money so you are able to ditch the financial overwhelm.


Workbook-Coming soon

The workbook is a great jumping off point for someone who wants to feel less overwhelmed when it comes to money. You will spend time working on overcoming your baggage and bad habits from the past and create a plan for the future.


one-one Session-coming soon

Working One-One is great for someone that needs a little bit more direction. You will receive the workbook ahead of time to complete and reflect on your current finances. Once completed,we set an hour session to create an action plan based upon your priorities, ditching  financial overwhelm once and for all.


6 Week coaching-coming soon

Six weeks of coaching is perfect for the person who is ALL in and ready to be guided through a detailed financial makeover. You will receive  the workbook and, instead of navigating on your own, we will unpack each piece together. We will cover everything from overcoming past tendencies and poor habits to laying out a game plan that feels doable while holding you accountable. All of this to ensure your new habits stick beyond our work together.